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GEORGES KAPLAN PRESENTS... is a bit of a pet project of mine in that it is in fact the band that I started with my good friend Stephan Barrett a few years back.

Taking our name from a 'non existent' character from Hitchcock's North by Northwest GEORGES KAPLAN PRESENTS... is a fusion of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical, Film Noir, Classic Cinema and any other cultural reference that we may care to throw in for good measure.

To lend a visual style to this suitably cinematic sound I get to scour a lot my favourite movie posters as reference material which really is pure heaven to me.



'Georges staggered out of the dimly lit doorway. Dazed from the explosion, his eyes smarting in the early dawn light he stumbled into a narrow sidestreet. Pausing for a moment, back up against a wall, ever conscious of being recognised he put on his dark glasses and fumbled for a cigarette. Lighting it, he gazed up for a moment at the stars dimly gleaming in the narrow shard of sky cut from between the silhouetted buildings.

It hadn't always been like this, this name, this life, always having to be running from he knew not what. He straightened, and headed off into the twisting maze of city streets. The fire and noise in his head made finding his way difficult, and for a while he wandered unsteadily through the city, eerily deserted at that early hour. 'You'd better get going' a voice suddenly whispered softly behind his left ear. Georges stiffened, and, whirling round, saw nothing but the steam gently rising from a street vent.

He set off at a sprint, making his way to the river winding its sinuous route through the city's heart. This time he had guessed right, the tide was still out and, clambering down the steps to the bank he found his car still parked where he had left it. Igniting, tyres screeched as the old Ford spluttered into motion. Georges was soon at the city limits, the car careered out onto the main road out of town and he headed east into the slowly rising sun.

Later, driving fast out on the freeway, the wind whistling on the shield, he took the rise and, looking down over the vast expanse now spread before him he remembered the song that had stayed with him through everything else. The music remained, a piano and saxophone was all he needed. The haze had now lifted, he now knew what he had to do...'