THE SONS OF KEMET have rapidly become known as quite the band to watch on the free Jazz scene over the last few years. The combination of two drummers, tuba and sax/clarinet is something truly electrifying to experience live and crosses a multitude of musical styles and genres. Initially I was asked here to produce an image to help publicise several live gigs the band had coming up throughout the UK. The brief was to produce something that touched upon the Egyptian element of the band's name but was not too overtly Egyptian in it's overall appearance. Drawing the four band members here in profile was a vague nod to ancient hieroglyphics without hopefully being too obvious about it. 

The central pyramid motif in the background was my own take on the ancient structures not just of Egypt but also found throughout the Middle East. Borrowing heavily from both the FRITZ LANG and RINTARO versions of Metropolis the aim was to present the entire city as one giant structure which here is built predominantly of buildings found around London. 

As you can see above this pyramid design ended up forming the centre piece of the cover for THE SONS OF KEMET's hotly anticipated debut album Burn.