SPEAK NO EVIL is a collective of three bands that hosted their own gig nights on London's live music scene.

'Out of the twilight emerges a night unlike any other. A wild convergence of performers, bands and more besides in an explosion of styles, enough to defy easy classification, yet all united as explorers of the dark, mysterious, crepuscular world of the imagination. The scene is set. Rain slicked streets steam in the neon glare of downtown frenzy, drifting in a fog-filled haze under the pale gaze of a moon cut to shreds. Join us for an adventure into the unknown which will leave you changed in ways you never would have expected.'



Following on the success of the 'Night of the Three Headed Beast' the three main bands involved decided to put on a follow up gig. This time the venue was The Macbeth in London's insufferably hip area of Hoxton.


Taking a cue from the bard himself the name of the night was intended as a sly reference to the three witches that kick off the opening act of Macbeth. Once again I stole elements from the visual style of each band, The dark glasses and high collared jacket from GEORGES KAPLAN PRESENTS..., the skull and wings from JB NEWMAN & THE BLACK LETTER BAND and the roses from BLACK HAY to produce an image that is hopefully both visually striking and uncannily eerie




The number 3 seems to keep popping up when it comes to SPEAK NO EVIL and it made perfect sense to reference that with the third event that they were to host.

Picking a driving theme as the starting point this was very much my road movie inspired image. It also seemed like a very handy way to include a few visual motifs representing the main bands involved as the 'charms' that some drivers hang from their rear view mirror.





So how do you advertise a gig with three separate bands taking headline billing? Well the obvious answer is create a Horror Movie inspired poster image picturing the bands in question as a three headed beast. Building upon the previous art and design work I have done for both JB NEWMAN & THE BLACK LETTER BAND and GEORGES KAPLAN PRESENTS... the above image is exactly that.