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For the limited edition vinyl release of TELLISON's single 'Edith' I was asked to produce a piece of artwork that represented something of the style of something you would expect from the cover of some Early Twentieth Century literature in homage to Edith Wharton after whom the single was named. The band got me on my way by suggesting a reference image as a starting point which I then adapted by adding the chain and padlock as way of representing the feeling of emotional restraint that one generally associates with the era and is essentially what the song is all about.

Happy with the previous image the band then decided that they wanted a similar design for their single 'Freud Links the Teeth & Heart' so it was mostly a case of replicating the design this time with teeth and hearts intertwined. At the time of working up this image I was actually going through a series of dental treatment that seemed all too painfully coincidental at the time.