A few months ago I was contacted by an author after he had stumbled across my DETECTIVE COMICS illustration online. He was looking for an illustrator to produce some art to help launch a series of e-books and thought my style was exactly what he was after.

Set to be a series of 16 books each one released through Amazon upon the full moon it tells the story of a private detective Daniel Thorne and his partner Alex Barker in the style of a classic pulp detective novel but with slightly darker undertones.

This has so far been a great excuse for me to develop the film noir/pulp fiction novel style that I have been working towards for some time. Producing one a month has also been a great challenge allowing me to draw upon the previous images and hopefully push it that little bit further with each new addition.



'My name is Daniel Thorne, and I am a private detective working in the City of Necropolis. This is a collection of my case files, retold to the best of my ability. My partner, Alex Barker and I hope that they may serve as a record of what has happened here, as well as a warning of what is to come.

May Death have mercy on us all.